When I saw the photo of the dog with bat ears and a quizzical expression on Jamie's page (Known as Presley at that time), I knew that this dog was going to come home with me. We weren't technically ready for a dog yet, but Jamie was able to keep him in foster for the month so I could finish my finals and graduate. Roscoe (aka Presley) had a rough life but he wanted to be loved so badly. Luckily, now he is! We frequently say that we won the dog lottery with him--he's an amazing dog and we love him so much. She told me that she usually doesn't pull adult dogs but there was something about his face--I am thankful every day that she saw his face and brought us together.

Now, he's living the good life and enjoying being spoiled with his recently adopted brother, Rufus. They go to the off leash trails near our home, run around our huge back yard, go to agility class, go to the dog park, and Roscoe just started tricks class. He's almost riding the skateboard!

I highly, highly recommend adopting from JAR--every animal you adopt from her gives her resources to rescue more animals and more chances to happen upon an amazing guy like Roscoe.

Jessica Kornberg Wall





My husband and I had been entertaining the idea of getting a second dog for about a year but weren't 100% sure if we should because we live in a condo and already had another dog and a cat. We talked about it and went back and forth for a few months, until I saw a friend from high school's picture on Facebook with a cute puppy in it. She stated in the picture that the puppy and its siblings were looking for a home and promised "he wouldn't poop or tear anything up” I laughed and commented that she should adopt one. I got curious and looked at the rescue page that the puppies were from, Jamie’s Animal Rescue. As I was scrolling through the pictures I saw a little brindle puppy with a distinctive marking on her face, they had named her Swirl. I fell in love and commented on it how she was mine, not truly believing we could or should get her.

It wasn't long before I was getting text messages from my high school friend and her sister in law about Swirl, more and more cute pictures and more and more I was falling in love. I would show Chase the pictures and his heart started to melt as fast as mine. We wanted her and we talked it over, we decided that because we are very active, we travel to my parents ranch every weekend in the summer and we travel to my in-laws who have a huge yard often that we could make it work . We had a new problem, we lived in Montana, Jamie’s Animal Rescue is in Texas, But we wanted her so we looked into flights and found one for pretty cheap, I flew down and picked her up a month later when she was able to come with me.

Jamie’s Animal Rescue did everything they could to help us, She was spayed and had all of her shots when I picked her up. Chase and I renamed her Piper, partially because I always wanted that name in my family and because one of the rescuers last name was Piper, It seemed like fate. Once we got Piper back up to Montana she seemed to fit in quite nicely. It took a few days for our other dog to get use to the fact that he was no longer a “single child” but he warmed up to her and now they love to run and play with each other, even our cat loves to play with her. We call her Ms. Independent because she loves to be outside and loves exploring her surroundings. She wins over everyone’s heart who meets her and loves to play with other dogs. We are so thankful we ended up deciding that she was the puppy for us, she has mellowed out our other dog and gets along with everyone. We are so thankful that random events led us to Jamie’s Animal Rescue and our Piper. Huge thank you to both Jamie’s in helping everything come together so nicely and stress free to get piper!
Cassidy, Chase, Koda, McKinley and (of course) Piper!

Cassidy Cunningham





The first pet that I ever fostered was from Jamie's Animal Rescue. Jamie rescued her from Fort Bend Animal Shelter in March 2013. We named her Marlee. The fostering process through JAR was so easy and extremely rewarding. Jamie provided everything that I needed for Marlee. She came to my house to give Marlee her shots, dewormer, mange medicine, etc and even picked her up and took her to her vet appointments. Even though she is so busy with all the animals at her house, she makes time for all of the pets in her rescue that are in foster homes. Jamie holds adoption events almost every weekend and does a great job at promoting the pets to find them homes.

I ended up falling in love with Marlee and adopted her myself, but if I hadn't, I know Jamie would have done everything she could to find her a loving forever home in a reasonable amount of time. I am so glad there are people out there like Jamie who willingly give their time and money to help animals in need. It is awesome! Jamie has such a big heart for doing what she does for all of these animals and JAR is a great rescue to foster and/or adopt from. I will definitely foster another pet through JAR in the future!

Allison Marlow





It was about mid-September when I started to notice pictures of all Jamie’s rescues. I read about a dog named Martha whom she found on the side of the road, pregnant and days away from giving birth. I remember looking through the pictures of all the puppies and immediately noticed Abigail and told my friend Stephanie Garza Meissner “I th...ink I want one of these puppies” she of course did her best to prepare me for the worst, told me she thought the responsibility would be a lot in addition to the chaos that already exists in my life. Two kids, one with mental disabilities that had been going through medication trials, and one very needy husband, yes, that’s you Matthew Sands!

So a couple weeks passed and I begged, pleaded and shared pictures and videos to Matt of this dog who gave me a feeling of hope and happiness and I even got Stephanie’s approval after convincing her I was in love! Then finally after what I thought was just going to be a visit (I was clearly already sold) Matt brought little Abigail home now bringing anything new into our home is a challenge for Seth (my 7 year old with severe autism) but little Abigail noticed Seth immediately. Seth clearly wasn’t having it at first but that made us realize something – Seth understood us. He knew Abigail would be in our lives now and after a couple of weeks Seth started acknowledging Abigail and started to communicate with her. “How does a dog communicate with someone that’s not only nonverbal but emotionally unavailable?” I don’t know but Abigail did.

Seeing Seth grow with this animal has been incredible and for those moms who have low functioning autistic kid/kids know what I mean when something as simple as when he brings her dog bowl in when it’s empty or to getting permission to let her go outside and play. It’s communication – the one thing I can’t stop fighting to try to get out of Seth. So as much as I bedazzle Abby J.’s collar or accessorize her with bows, she is still 90% of the time my 4 year olds’ dog and best friend (Shane). I GET BREAKS NOW! I can lay down and Abigail will wear Shane OUT. I’ve never heard so much giggling in my life! He loves her constant kisses and hugs and he is now helping me potty train her (I apologize for those neighbors who have witnessed one of these lessons). Abby never judges, always listens and is the most loyal dog I’ve ever met. I love staring at her and thinking how beautiful she is and how lucky am I? I want to thank Jamie and her mother for blessing me with my 3rd baby Abigail Jamie Sands. The pee and poo and vet bills are all worth it!!!

Love, Matthew, Miranda, Seth, Shane and Abby J. Sands





While looking at posts on facebook we saw a post about a very frail malnourished puppy named Hope. She was so thin you could see her ribs and we were told she was full of worms and had been eating rocks so her teeth were broken. Jamie brought her to us to foster and nurse back to health. After a few days when she was stronger and feeling playful we introduced her to our other young puppy (a previous rescue), named Henry. They became fast friends and were inseperable. When it became time to find her a new home it was a unanimous decision to make her a permanent family member in our own household. She is now a happy 45 LB pup and our lives have been forever changed! Thank you J.A.R.

The Blands.